In the beginning. . .

In the beginning. . .

“In the beginning. . .”

And then the day came, I took a big gulp, logged into my weekly TEAMs® meeting, and resigned from my NASA contractor position. It was time to start a new chapter and get back to helping others by creating the “Give More & Connect” project.

As a builder of ideas resulting in national and global outreach programs, this project of ‘helping others’ involves you. The “Give More & Connect” project provides philanthropic consulting services to help you determine your giving goals based on your passions and interests which will result in financial donations to specific nonprofits. Let’s explore these questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • What kind of impact do you want to make on the lives of others?
  • How to get started?

The time is now to start planning and engaging in your legacy

The recent Ancestry® research results of my paternal and maternal family trees are mesmerizing and are filled with stories of my relatives' achievements obtained through grit and tenacity to make this world a better place for all. 

My dad, Joe, at age 98 helps to fill in the blanks of many past and present relatives’ ambitions as a construction superintendent, police officer, butcher, priest, nun, steel mill laborer, Olympic swimmer, certified public accountant, metallurgical engineer, broom maker, blacksmith, and many more. And from the legacy of my family’s professions, did my ancestors ever imagine that the living testimony of my great aunts, Sisters Anastasia’s and Adelaide’s, quiet humility and prayerful discernment would impact me and set an example of nonjudgmental outreach to help those who have nothing?

Identify your passions to make an impact

What is your passion? How do you want to save the world? Is there a part of your life when you help others, that brings you joy?

My passion is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and outreach for students of all ages. My science journey started in fifth grade and earlier, the math triumph came in third grade as the reigning girl’s champion.  This passion continued through my nonprofit, corporate, and government work experiences. Each time, students of all ages won my heart with their brilliant problem-solving and fearless determination of finishing STEM-related projects and competitions.Their proud smiles of accomplishment projected confidence and hope for themselves and others.

Impact comes in many ways. The nonprofit world has greatly expanded within the giving universe over the past 40 years with many options. Recently, Bloomberg hosted a podcast, “A Favorite Loophole of the Rich Is Leaving Charities High and Dry,” regarding delayed giving.  Access the podcast by clicking here.

How to get started

“Give More & Connect” is a philanthropic consulting business service that will help you identify and translate your passions into giving goals through charitable donations.

Let’s have a complimentary discussion to determine if “Give More & Connect” is the right fit for determining your philanthropic giving intentions.  Our discussion will include:

  • Identifying your passions and social interest areas.
  • Transforming the world with your targeted nonprofit financial donations.

My philosophy is that every day is a gift. Let’s get started today.

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