Social Impact Issues

Today, we have an abundance of mission-driven nonprofit organizations working on community-based issues. We believe in the power of connecting donors with causes that truly matter to them, fostering a deeper sense of engagement and social impact. 

Listed below is a representation of social impact issues to explore. For a specific listing of nonprofit organizations by social impact area, go to the Candid GuideStar website by clicking here.

For additional information:

  • Animal Welfare

    Supporting care and feeding of animals of all types. Animal welfare support can range from rescue and protection of abandoned animals to providing loving foster homes and permanent placement with care takers.

  • Arts & Culture

    Supporting the arts and culture through art education centers, art galleries, and local community organizations. Outreach can include walking tours of neighborhoods, summer camps, and after-school programs.

  • Education, Science & Technology

    Supporting education through curriculum development, teacher support, and student learning assistance. Providing scholarships for students. Supporting science and technology innovative research projects and outreach programs.

  • Children & Family Support

    Supporting children and families with food, shelter, and social services. Levels of support can include supporting children in foster care, adoptive services, and family counseling. Provide support to local food banks.

  • Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

    Providing humanitarian relief and the rebuilding of community infrastructure impacted by disasters. Support can include 24/7 care and feeding of survivors, temporary housing, and long-term efforts to rebuild water and road systems.

  • Health

    Supporting the advancement of health care equity and improved outcomes. Removing financial barriers to adequate healthcare.  Supporting healthcare professionals with advanced training and rural services.

  • Energy, Environment & Resilience

    Supporting energy efficiency programs and reducing use environmental programs. Providing research support for alternative energy sources. Building and rebuilding through resilience design and development.

  • Military and Veterans Support

    Supporting active military and veterans with family services support, career counseling, and workforce development certifications and degreed programs. Providing outreach services to wounded and homeless Veterans.

  • Civil & Human Rights, Immigration

    Supporting civil and human rights through equal protection under the law and equal social opportunities. Immigration to include permanent residency in another country. Human rights can include access to clean water, education, and housing.

  • Employment, Finance & Poverty Alleviation

    Supporting employment and workforce development programs for working adults. Developing finance skills early in one's career, helps build a stable future of employment. Help to decrease the cycle of poverty with education, training programs for skilled workers, and transportation services.

  • Featured Social Impact Issue

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education outreach programs for K-16 students. Introducing students to STEM careers at an early age with mentor support, provides a career pathway filled with innovation, problem-solving, and economic empowerment.